Friday, February 12, 2010

Cyclone Rene, Part 1

It's Saturday morning here in the Friendly Islands, and we are in "Stand Fast" mode, which means we are staying close to home, monitoring the progress of Cyclone Rene and doing some stocking up (kerosene for our oil lamps, batteries, drinking water). Forecast models have us in Rene's path (the most current one has Rene passing to the West of us) with the Northern island group of Vava'u most likely to get hit, possibly by tomorrow. We plan to do our usual Saturday routine of shopping, but we'll be monitoring the situation throughout the weekend.

We have plenty of information about how to weather a cyclone (hurricane) and are not worried. If we are to get a direct hit we will likely "consolidate" at the Peace Corps Office (nice big building with emergency supplies). I'll try to post new developments here as they occur.